[Mac OS X TeX] what is/was "Instant TeX" ?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon May 7 14:18:27 EDT 2001

Troy Goodson wrote
> Every once in a while I hear about "Instant TeX" that, I think, 
> is/was available for NeXT.  Can someone describe "Instant TeX"?  Was 
> it something like LyX <http://www.LyX.org/> or TeXmacs 
> <http://www.TeXmacs.org/> ?

InstantTeX is more like a component-based Textures, but able to access
NeXTstep's Display PostScript. Type TeX code in Texedit.app, re-TeX it
and watch it appear in TeXView.app

It also has a wonderful equation/symbol input palette with an optional
draw-to-input area which worked great for symbols one didn't know the
name of if one was good with a mouse (I used it with a Wacom ArtZ
graphics tablet myself)

There is also Bibliography.app which allowed the input of citations via Services.

> And, what's the big stumbling block to getting apps like these on Mac OS X?

They were written for NeXTstep, not OPENSTEP and the APIs changed.
OPENSTEP for Mach loads two sets of shlibs at need (the second is for
NeXTstep programs)


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