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Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Tue May 8 08:26:46 EDT 2001

If you are using TeXShop here are the instructions Richard Koch
sent me.  Basically you set up another texmf tree in your
own user area and you have to tell teTeX to look in there. The step
below where you edit the texmf.cnf file I did in vi -- thats easier
than moving the file in and out IF you are happy to edit in a UNIX
editor like vi.



It is possible to store additional style
files, fonts, etc., in teTeX itself. But teTeX is owned by root and lives
in /usr/local/teTeX, which isn't visible except through the terminal.
Moreover, it is nice to keep this tetex structure pure so it can easily
be upgraded when later versions are introduced.

If you are just trying to load a macro, you can put it in the same
directory as your source, or include it with a full path name. But
for style files, or fonts, or any of the other kinds of tex file,
the best way is to construct a mirror image of the tetex
directory structure inside your Library folder and store your
personal files there.


This requires one mildly tricky change in tetex, but it only has
to be done once. In terminal, type the following commands

	cd     /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c

	cp    texmf.cnf    ~

The result will be a file named "texmf.cnf" inside your home
directory. Open this file with TextEdit. Roughly 70 lines down,
you will come to the following text:

% Now, list all the texmf trees. If you have multiple trees you can
% use shell brace notation, like this:
% The braces are necessary.  If you set VARTEXMF, you also have to
%   - list $VARTEXMF in the TEXMF definition;
%   - make sure that $VARTEXMF precedes $TEXMFMAIN in the TEXMF definition.

Change the last line to read

TEXMF = {~/Library/texmf,!!$TEXMFMAIN}

Then save this file.

Now you want to move this file into the teTeX spot. To do so, type the
following commands, one after another

	sudo tcsh
	cd   /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c
          mv   texmf.cnf    texmf_old.cnf
          cp    /Users/koch/texmf.cnf    texmf.cnf

where you must replace "koch" by your own user name.


Now that this is done, tetex will also search for files inside your Library
folder. But the files must be in appropriate directories. teTeX uses a
directory structure invented by the tex working group. I'll just give one
example. Suppose you want to add an extra style file named mine.sty
to the style files used by Latex. Looking inside tetex, we find that a
natural spot for this file would be


So Inside our Library folder, we make a series of subdirectories
as follows:

	Library --> texmf --> tex --> latex -->  misc

and store "mine.sty" inside this misc directory.

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