[Mac OS X TeX] BBEdit TeX plugins. dvips doesn't work for me....

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Wed Nov 21 16:18:00 EST 2001

>>Subject: [Mac OS X TeX] BBedit Scripts for teTeX (revised)
>>From: "Tom Kiffe" <tom at kiffe.com>
>>Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 09:21:32 -0600
>>The BBEdit and BBEdit Lite plug-ins I released last week have been revised and expanded. The set now contains 17 plug-ins and associated shell scripts. These plug-ins require at least OS 10.1 and have been tested with BBEdit 6.5 and BBEdit Lite 6.1.2. You must have installed teTeX so that it can be run from the Terminal application. The plug-ins allow you to run tex, latex, pdftex, pdflatex, dvips, dvipdfm, ps2pdf, bibtex, and makeindex from BBEdit. The plug-ins are arranged in a sub menu of BBEdit's Tools Menu and you can bind keys to the plug-ins. The scripts called by the plug-ins can be modified by the user to do further processing.
>This is nice. I enjoy the minimalist approach of simply connecting an editor and previewer through a TeX engine that remains largely invisible. It's working fine for me, except the ps previewing is messed up somehow. I got the stuff below on the terminal:
>>Welcome to Darwin!
>>cd "/Volumes/Firewire/Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB"; dvips.script mpi111501.dvi
>>[h196132:~] charlesb% cd "/Volumes/Firewire/Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB"; dvips.script mpi111501.dvi
>>This is dvips(k) 5.86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com)
>>' TeX output 2001.11.21:1257' -> |lpr
>>dvips: ! couldn't open output pipe
>>[h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb% d "/Volumes/Firewire/Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB"
>>d: Command not found.
>>[h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb% ls *.dvi
>>[h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb% dvips mpi
>>mpi111501.aux  mpi111501.pdf  mpi611.tex*    mpi62401.blg*  mpi62401.tex*
>>mpi111501.dvi  mpi111501.tex  mpi62401.aux*  mpi62401.log* mpi111501.log  mpi611.aux     mpi62401.bbl*  mpi62401.pdf* [h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb% dvips mpi11
>>mpi111501.aux  mpi111501.dvi  mpi111501.log  mpi111501.pdf  mpi111501.tex
>>[h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb% dvips mpi111501.dvi
>>This is dvips(k) 5.86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com)
>>' TeX output 2001.11.21:1302' -> |lpr
>><texc.pro>. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.
>>[h196132:Textures/papers/FeffMPI_PRB] charlesb%

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