[Mac OS X TeX] put files in bundles?

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Fri Nov 23 05:34:43 EST 2001

On 23-Nov-01 J.Huelsmann wrote:
#  I wonder if it would be a good option (for TeXShop) to save all the 
#  files generated on a typesetting-run into a MacOS X bundle, so one 
#  would see only one single "file" in the Finder with the .tex .pdf 
#  .aux .log etc. files inside.
#  So moving and renaming of this entire bunch would be very simple and 
#  TeX associated documents would be very nice organized.

Two remarks:
1) although bundles are really direcories, and as such platform independent,
   when sending such a "file" via e-mail, one would still need to make an
   archive (tar for example).
2) How would you handle a tree with several files, the user cannot create
   his/her own tree, so that needs to be handled by the program as well. But the
   user would need to type in the path in the source when including the file.

In short, I think this would be very messy.

With a propper interface (an outliner to organize the files/chapters, an
exporter to create an archive for transfering files and a bunch of other parts)
it might work, but make it optional. 

Makefiles may come in handy here. A few days ago someone on this list mentions
he used Makefiles to manage his TeX projects. Would this person be so kind and
send me a sample Makefile? I once tried to create one, but failed (on the
dependencies), maybe you had a better idea.


Maarten Sneep

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