[Mac OS X TeX] next TeXShop (2.0?) proposal: beta testers will be needed

Jerome Laurens Jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Nov 15 05:32:42 EST 2001

I am currently submitting to Richard Koch an alpha texshop (next)

what is available in this alpha version:

- it can use an external text editor
- the internal text editor has been cleaned
- better and more elaborate syntax parsing for internal text editor
- manages line endings CR, LF ...
- manages file encoding (mac, iso latin 1, win latin 1, nextstep...)

- it can use an external pdf viewer
- more widgets to control the internal pdf viewer (toolbar supported)

- supports dock menus, useful when used with external editors/viewers

- it parses the log files, navigating from errors to the built in text
editor (just click on links)

- it has a "project design" as frontend to teTeX and more
- includes a basic terminal
- it has an entirely open architecture for TeX ing in general, allowing
the use of non standard scripts (makefiles, ...)

- supports the OS X toolbar

- does not work on OS X < 10.1

These are the most important improvements regarding what was discussed
these days on the list

Important remarks:
- This code is at the same time simpler and much more complicated than
the one for TeXShop 1.13. Technically, it is simpler because it is more
cocoa compliant, but it is more complicated mainly because of the
project design and external editors used (roughly speaking)
- Richard Koch will decide if this is acceptable for texshop. If not we
will have another tetex frontend...
- all features of TeXShop 1.13 are not available (viewing eps,
formatting the text file, preference pane...) they will be next.
- for those textures fans (like me),last year i proposed to Richard Koch
a clone implementation of textures macro menu but TeXShop was facing
much more important problems and this was dropped down. If i find where
i have saved the code...

Atual release is not W3 available, people who are interested for
alphabeta testing right now should send me an email at
<jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr> with [TeXShop BETA] in the title and i
will tell them how they can download the file (a 0.6 Mo .dmg file). When
complaining for this version, please don't pollute the list and send me
emails diretly.

by the way, how does the beaujolais nouveau tastes?


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