[Mac OS X TeX] Re: MacOSX-TeX BBEdit plug-ins

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Fri Nov 16 00:04:12 EST 2001

Charles Bouldin wrote:

>I installed these and it works fine. A few comments:
>I can't recommend using Preview as the pdfviewer. I used it and when I printed the .pdf file, it had print anomalies (using HP 990cse inkjet printer) and then my computer crashed!!!! YIKES! The same .pdf file prints fine from Adobe Acrobat. I have actually deleted the Preview application, since I have seen other problems with it. Only Acrobat for me from now on. YMMV.

I quite agree with you on this point. I only supplied the Preview plug-in to show that it could be done.

>On the plugins themselves, the main "problem" I have is that every time I run pdftex a new terminal window is spawned and it isn't deleted when the job ends.
>I realize that this is how it is supposed to work, but wish that I wouldn't get a new terminal window everytime I run pdftex. I'd rather that an existing terminal window be used.
To the best of a my knowledge Apple hasn't provided this mechanism yet. With OS 10.1 they added more Apple Script support to the Terminal but when the Terminal receives an Apple Event for running a script it opens a new window. The plug-ins never know when the Terminal has finished a command so the plug-in can't close the Terminal window. I don't think the unix script running in the Terminal window could close the window itself. The easiest thing to do is to just hit command-w when the Terminal has finished.

>We still have the issue of pdf graphics files (sigh) when TeX mainly deals well with .ps files.
>Just as cmactex and texshop allow choices between tex and pdftex, the plugins could allow the same choice?
I will release some tex, latex, dvips, and ps2pdf scripts in a few days. You can always modify pdftex.script and pdflatex.script to do just about anything.

>Is there a way to make separator lines in the BBEdit so that the tex plugins are grouped together nicely?
I don't know how to add separator lines but if you put the tex plug-ins in a 
subfolder of BBEdit's Plug-Ins folder the tex plug-ins will be grouped in a submenu. With BBEdit's Tools->Tools List item you can add key bindings to various plug-ins.


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