[Mac OS X TeX] Vim (Vi IMproved) for tex on OS X

Benji Fisher fisherbb at BC.edu
Wed Nov 21 22:06:05 EST 2001

      Vim (Vi IMproved) is a very powerful, free text editor that runs on 
many platforms.  The carbon version for Mac OS X is a little rough around 
the edges, but works fine for me.  (Perhaps the most glaring problem is 
that you can quit from the File menu, but not from the Vim menu.)

      I have uploaded the following to my i-disk,
or, in the Connect to Server dialog (Finder's Go menu), type in:


The dmg.gz file, when opened, gives a folder vim/ containing Vim.app and 
support files.  The .vim file (plain text) allows you to typeset and view 
tex files from inside vim.  Since vim runs shell commands (such as pdftex,
  bibtex, and so on) directly, there is no wait for Terminal.app to start 
up.  The .txt file contains installation instructions.  There is also an 
uncompressed vim/ folder on the i-disk; some of its files are slightly 
less current than those in the disk image.

      I'll be happy to give help getting started with vim, and I plan to 
add functionality to tex_menu.vim, especially if anyone else is interested.
   For more information on vim, see

					--Benji Fisher

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