[Mac OS X TeX] put files in bundles?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Nov 23 06:38:59 EST 2001

Le vendredi 23 novembre 2001, à 12:21 PM, Maarten Sneep a écrit :

> #  Is it really necessary to go to such complexities, isn't it possible 
> to
> #  have only TeX-generated files bundled together, not the whole 
> directory
> #  structure created by the user to typeset a book with figures etc.?
> With which file would you include the other files then? Maybe you can 
> put all
> tex related files in a bundle (main-tex-file.texnical, anyone) I think 
> it is
> unwise to create a bundle from one of the .tex files, since no other 
> editor
> would understand what they meant. Also most users want to have their 
> resulting
> (pdf) file ready to send through e-mail, so that's no option either.

I was thinking of bundling tex-related files with the file designated as 
the "Project Root". But yes, I perfectly agree with the objection for 
PDF files, that's what I do myself: sending PDF files by e-mail.

Thanks for all the technical details, which I wasn't aware of. Now I 
understand better.

Bruno Voisin

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