[Mac OS X TeX] OzTeX configs in TeXShop?

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Nov 20 22:44:00 EST 2001

<x-flowed>>OzTeX supports a nice local folder which can contain configs, style
>files, fonts, and so on quite apart from its default installation files,
>and in particular not conforming to the dreary texmf tree.  Makes it
>very, very easy to copy, move or update an OzTeX configuration, for one.
>Is there any way to tell TeXShop/tetex to scan this folder for
>config/style/whatever files?  (I don't really need two copies of
>everything, and I'm not that interested in committing to the texmf tree
>at this point anyhow.)  I've only barely begun to take a look at
>TeXShop, so I know this may be a hopelessly naive question.
>David Craig

When I first used TeXShop I just created my own texmf tree
as advised somewhere in the docs.  Then I dumped all the style
files I had in OzTeX in the misc folder


If you are mostly after all your own style files that will
get you up and running.   You can do all this in the finder.
Make a folder in Library called texmf, make a folder in that
called tex etc.

(When my boys first started using the mac they liked
to make nested sequences of untitled folders 20 or so deep and hide
something in the bottom. It feels bit like that ! )

If you have more things like fonts and configs
as I understand it (which is very little) tex under tetex
will look for things only in certain places so if I put fonts
in the same folder I would not find them. So the whole texmf
tree has to be a copy of the standard system texmf tree. Thats
why you have to create the whole sequence of folders above.

I guess you could create a texmf tree which is empty and
make links from various folders in it to folders in your
oztex local folder. Assuming there was sensible
mapping. If some texmf directory had to point at
two oztex folders you would have a problem.
  I think you would need to use the
unix style links not just mac finder aliases. Have a look
at the man page for ln.

Like the other people replying to you I tried at one point
to do the reverse of this making oztex read my local texmf
folder. It sort of worked.

Don't forget that when you are finished doing all this
you need to go into terminal and type texhash at the command
line. Or better I guess `sudo texhash'


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