[Mac OS X TeX] editors

Mark Smith markds at mac.com
Wed Nov 21 12:57:18 EST 2001

On Wednesday, November 21, 2001, at 06:16 , Holger Schulz wrote:

> I found the TeXShop and I thing it's a good one. Clicking one button and
> receiving a PDF output is very Mac like. But i'm used to various 
> features
> of Alpha and so I'm looking for a similar one for X or a possibilty to 
> use
> the 9 version of Alpha together with teTex.
> has anybody an idea? Which editors do you use with OS X?

No doubt you will get a lot of recommendations for BBEdit and why not. 
Its got to be the best text editor for Mac.

However, if you are looking for an editor primarily for editing .tex 
files in MacOS X, then I humbly suggest (even as a big fan of BBEdit) 
that Pepper...


...is a little more "comfortable" for this particular need.

I've got both BBEdit and Pepper. Talk about decadence.

(Also recommendable (with a "forget about control sequences" approach to 
LaTeX) is Scientific Assistant <http://www.advanced-science.com> )


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