[Mac OS X TeX] TTH or LaTeX2HTML

Cyrill RŸttimann ruettimac at dplanet.ch
Sun Nov 11 16:30:25 EST 2001

On Sonntag, November 11, 2001, at 09:30  Uhr, Ross Moore wrote:

>> Hi there,
>> I am interested in some comments about converting LaTeX to HTML. I have
>> found those two packages. Are there any experiences?
> Well, I wrote a lot of LaTeX2HTML; so I guess that counts as 
> experience. :-)
> At present I don't have a need to use it under MacOS X, but it certainly
> works there --- a colleague has successfully installed it.
> Given a teTeX installation, the only tricky part is compiling the  
> netpbm
> graphics utilities, as there may not be a recognised 'darwin' option
> for the Make files. An experienced hacker can get around this ---
> we have the proof of that, which doubtless can be shared.

You can install fink from sourceforge and install LaTeX2HTML from fink 
and also netpbm. Type only "fink install LaTeX2HTML" into your terminal.



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