[Mac OS X TeX] Editors, Services

Alexandre Enkerli aenkerli at indiana.edu
Thu Nov 15 04:08:34 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Now, this is getting very interesting. I posted a list of newbie 
questions last week including the possibility to use an external editor 
with TeXShop. It seems I'm not the only one who wants this...
But the idea of using TeXShop as a set of services is a very good one, 
IMHO. In fact, the more I know about Services, the more I like them. And 
there's a few free-/share-ware text editors supporting them already so 
with 10.1 seeping in, they should become ubiquitous soon.
So, the dream could be: a native Alpha implementation with Services 
support including keystrokes to send the current file to be TeXed and 
viewed as PDF...

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