[Mac OS X TeX] Re: teTeX mod for Mac fonts

Richard D. Gill Richard.Gill at math.uu.nl
Thu Nov 8 04:01:26 EST 2001

felipe said:
I am getting a little confused about this discussion. It seems that there
are (at least) two issues:
(i) The use of Type 1 PostScript fonts with Tetex (and in my case with
Texshop) in MacOS X.
(ii) The use of some specific Mac fonts with Tetex.

He goes on to say the problem in (ii) is not recognising the fonts, 
but recognising special characters. 
This problem is solved with encoding vectors or maps or whatever, right?
Usually these are .enc files and you are able, when you tell TeX which
type 1 fonts you are going to use, also to specify an encoding which simply
is a table moving some characters to other positions. Similarly you will
need to tell dvips and whatever else is involved, about the encodings.
(This will be essentially the same information and will also be in a .enc
file but I recall that the layout is different and I only got it right, by
trial and error, and much consultation of a handy utility from Adobe called
"keykaps" which prints out every character and tells you where it is.
Also there is a handy tex programme which prints out font tables, as
far as latex thinks they are, "the NFSS font test program".
I think it is called nfsstest.tex or fonttest.tex or something like this.

It would be nice if an expert would explain this to the world, in the
proper detail. 


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