[Mac OS X TeX] item for TeXShop wishlist

Serge COHEN cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Thu Nov 15 05:27:18 EST 2001

>mmurray said:
>>(1)  Word Services support so spelling checking can be sent
>>off to Excalibur to be done.
>TeXShop, as a Cocoa app already supports Mac OS X's native
>spell-checking system.
>The Word Services you describe are a Carbon legacy thing and should've
>been up-dated by Apple to be an equal citizen (coeval?) with the extant
>system services.

Just a simple question, anyone knows if there are plans to make Excalibur a
Service for MacOSX, that will be great.

>Ages ago, I suggested Apple should make Contextual Menu Items equivalent
>to / available as Services and vice versa....
>(who did the Mac OS X icons for Excalibur....)

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