[Mac OS X TeX] BBEDit scripts (was Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest #153 - 11/14/01)

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 00:26:49 EST 2001

>We still have the issue of pdf graphics files (sigh) when TeX mainly 
>deals well with .ps files.
>Just as cmactex and texshop allow choices between tex and pdftex, 
>the plugins could allow the same choice?

Here is one solution to this problem. It assume you have at the top 
of your file one of the lines:
%&latex, %&pdflatex or %&personallatex as TeXShop uses.
   The perl line is courtesy of posting a question on macnn so thanks 
to that person and thanks
to Tom and Gerben who have helped me with other questions.

This replaces your existing pdflatex that Tom wrote. You could 
obviously write a
pdftex version of this as well. Or I guess you could expand this one to
cover all 6 cases!


set texfile = $argv[1]
#echo $texfile
set formatline = `perl -0\015 -e 'print $1 if (<>=~/(.*?tex)/)'   ${texfile}`
#echo $formatline

switch (${formatline})
case %&latex:
  altpdflatex ${texfile}
case %&pdflatex:
pdflatex ${texfile}
case %&personallatex:
updflatex ${texfile}
echo "First line of ${texfile} does not specify format"

Use it at your own risk!  My lifetime
experience of shell scripting must add up to something like 4 hours.
For those out there who have > 4 hours experience at shell scripts 
who are wondering
why I didn't just use

head - 1 ${texfile}

instead of the perl stuff (which I don't understand).  I did try that at first
but it doesn't like files saved with macintosh line endings.

>Is there a way to make separator lines in the BBEdit so that the tex 
>plugins are grouped together nicely?

I also wondered about this.

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