[Mac OS X TeX] Alpha for OS X?: was BBEdit plug-ins for teTeX

Michael Goldweber mikeyg at cerebro.cs.xu.edu
Wed Nov 14 11:16:21 EST 2001

<x-flowed>>Subject changed from BBEdit to Alpha.
>I too am awaiting an Alpha for OS X.
>The link Michael sent also refers to running AlphaTk on X11 on OS X. 
>I also saw an announcement for a Native Aqua Tcl/Tk.
>Has anyone any experience running AlphaTk and integrating it with teTeX?

I have installed the above native Tcl/Tk implementation 
(MacOSXTK8.4a4).  (No installation necessary since it comes bundled 
as an application to be dragged into the Applications folder.  There 
is also a folder that goes into the Library folder.)

I then downloaded Alphatk application.  (I am not sure which version 
I got since the ftp site listed a version 7.3, a version 8.0, and an 
un-numbered version with a mod date (11/14) that was the most current 
of the three.   The 7.3 version had a mod date of 8/10 while the 8.0 
version had a mod date of 7/2.)  I selected the un-numbered version.

I got the AlphaTK splash screen which unfortunately was followed by 
the application unexpectedly quiting.

Anyone have better luck?


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