[Mac OS X TeX] Some graphics questions

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Nov 30 20:55:22 EST 2001

>A fourth is u-psbuild by some Australian company (also not 
>expensive). On request from a user I included a cli interface to 
>that system as well with the cli command u-psbuild.

The company - if anyone is interested - is www.utopiatype.com.au. Note
that this package is a pre-processor to insert transitions and stuff
into a pdf document. There are other packages of this kind around
mostly free   (   http://www.miwie.org/presentations/  has a good collection
although its not complete).  The way it works it needs a copy of distiller or
a copy of ghostscript to do the actual ps to pdf conversion.


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