cocoAspell LaTeX aware spell checker

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Tue Nov 27 14:57:27 EST 2001


you might be interested to know that I have created Mac OS X 
version of a free UNIX spell checker Aspell. This program is 
called cocoAspell and it uses system's spelling services to 
provide spell checking to any application that may request it. 
For example, Mail, OmniWeb, Project Builder, TextEdit, __and__ 
TeXShop can use Aspell instead of Apple's own spell checker. 
Aspell is LaTeX and HTML aware. It also supports multiple 
languages -- there are dictionaries for 17 different languages 
available on the Aspell web site. You can find more and download 
cocoAspell at

This is the first version of cocoAspell and there might be some 
outstanding problems with it. I would appreciate any feedback at

leuski at


Anton Leuski

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