[Mac OS X TeX] OzTeX configs in TeXShop?

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Nov 21 03:33:08 EST 2001

<x-flowed>On Wednesday, November 21, 2001, at 04:44 , Michael Murray wrote:

> If you have more things like fonts and configs
> as I understand it (which is very little) tex under tetex
> will look for things only in certain places so if I put fonts
> in the same folder I would not find them. So the whole texmf
> tree has to be a copy of the standard system texmf tree. Thats
> why you have to create the whole sequence of folders above.

The story is almost correct. Mostly, only the *first* subfolder below 
'texmf' need to be specific.

E.g. ~/Library/texmf/tex/foo.sty will be found by LATeX.

~/Library/texmf/tex for tex,latex,sty,tex source, etc (which is enough 
for most people)
~/Library/texmf/fonts for font stuff.


Additional info:

The complexity of TeX's search algorithm is a bit of overkill for most 
situations. The TDS and kpathsea are very good at giving you different 
versions of the same file depending on the program you run. Suppose you 
have 2 versions of foo.sty:


and one version of bar.sty


pdfTeX will look in ~/Library/texmf/pdftex before it looks in 
~/Library/texmf/tex, but TeX will only look in ~/Library/texmf/tex. This 
kind of hidden version control is what the TeX file search algorithm is 
all about. With the setup above,

pdfTeX will load
TeX will load

Nowadays, most sty files and such if they differ for - say - pdfTeX vs. 
TeX, will be coded internally to behave differently when loaded by 
different TeX engines.


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