[Mac OS X TeX] Mac font encodings for ConTeXt?

Harri Hakula Harri.Hakula at hut.fi
Mon Nov 26 01:59:06 EST 2001

Looks good so far. Thank you very much!


On Saturday, November 24, 2001, at 01:25  PM, Michel Bovani wrote:

> Le 23/11/01 à 15:27 +0200 Harri Hakula a écrit :
>> ConTeXt does not recognize accented characters such as \"a.
>> That is, typing \"a in text is fine but the keyboard equivalent is 
>> lost.
>> Using latex I'll just have to say
>> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
>> Within the distribution I found a number of files named enco-* but
>> not the enco-mac.tex I wanted to see...
>> Any ideas, experience on this?
> Last year I try context and I make such a file. It is a beta version
> see
> <ftp://gutenberg.eu.org/pub/gut/MAC/context/contrib/enco-
> mac.tex.sit.bin>
> If you use it, tell me if it works (I don't test it intensively).
> -- Michel Bovani

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