[Mac OS X TeX] Up to date teTeX.dmg release

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Nov 1 14:05:23 EST 2001

<x-flowed>After all the confusion, there is a final October release for teTeX.dmg, 
which has been released on November 1, 2001, the day my daughter took 
her first independent steps (yeah! 8-)




All teTeX.dmg's released over the last couple of days work for 
everything, with the exception of margin kerning. If you do not wnat to 
download an entire dmg, download update-protcode.tar.gz and execute the 
update_protcode script therein, it also is updated.


I append the ChangeLog.


This is ChangeLog.txt for teTeX and GS on Mac OS X

- Released as teTeX-2001-11-01-01-34-47.dmg

- *Really* Patched version of protcode.tex for Margin Kerning with 
pdfTeX 1.00
   (I forgot to put it in the texmf tree, I forgot to change \div and 
\mul, and
   my installer script stank. Bad day).)

- Updated pdftex from patched 20010417 (.14h) to 20010806 (1.00a)
- Patched version of protcode.tex for Margin Kerning with pdfTeX 1.00

Oct 2001 release, major changes:
- This file introduced on Oct 21, 2001
- latex base and required files updated in teTeX's texmf tree
- latex misc and tools directories
- texconfig, fmtutil and fmtutil.cnf updated as received from Thomas 
- added bibtool and updated natbib (texmf)
- added revtex (texmf.macosx)
- added ppower4, pdfslide and pdfscreen (texmf.macosx)
- ppower4 java postprocessor (
- added ifmslide, foiltex (texmf.macosx)
- added texpower (texmf which it's makefile does by itself)
- updated epstopdf (eol style, differently implemented, not in-memory, 
	--eol={cr,lf,crlf} flag to use with --filter (when auto detection
	of eol style is not implemented)
- removed epstopdfwrap
- User texmf trees do not use texhash anymore. See 
	installdmg removes existing ~/Library/texmf/ls-R hash files for all
- turned on spanish hyphenation availability by default (texmf)
- installer saves the current texmf.cnf in texmf.cnf.<timestamp> before
	removing the file. The tar.gz installs a fresh one. If the contents
	of the new one are equal to the old one, the backup is removed.
- moved texmf.cnf to texmf.macosx and created a symbolic link to it. I 
	then later on update the texmf.macosx version without disturbing when
	someone has set the link to point to a different file
- Upgraded memory sizes in /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.macosx/texmf.cnf

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