[Mac OS X TeX] pdflatex and psfrag?

Hemant Bhargava hkb at mac.com
Mon Nov 19 00:12:35 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Hi -

A question for psfrag users ...

Is pdflatex incompatible with psfrag?  I don't see the psfrag 
replacements in my output (pdf) file.
I have attached below the preamble and figure statement below. I had 
originally a figure.eps file (and everything worked under my old 
system), but now I converted this to figure.pdf using epstopdf, and I am 
running this under TeXShop with pdflatex engine.

For anyone who wants to help, the .tex and .pdf files are located in


I have also included the original .eps file, and the output .pdf that I 


I believe psfrag should work with pdflatex, so I am suspecting the 
problem is with my file conversion.

Thanks in advance,

- Hemant


and this is how the figure is called

\psfrag{L}[br][br]{$U(\theta, q_{L})$} %
\psfrag{H}[bl][bl]{$U(\theta, q_{H})$}
\psfrag{R}[bc][bc]{$\frac{U(\theta, q_{L})}{U(\theta, q_{H})}$}

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