[Mac OS X TeX] GUI for teTeX settings, etc.; ideas from NeXT?

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 15 14:38:35 EST 2001

<x-flowed>At 1:53 PM -0500 11/15/01, William Adams wrote:
>Troy.D.Goodson said:
>  >And, as style files go, I'd be happy to turn management of such over to
>a GUI.
>Isn't it merely necessary to place the style files in the appropriate
>place in the filesystem and re-fresh the filename database? Having a
>hard time envisioning this....

I'm thinking of a functionality like the Classic Mac System Folder. 
(*) I want an icon that I can drop a *.sty file on and have it 
automatically end up in the right place.

Furthermore, it could handle *.ins and *.dtx files.  the first time I 
saw one of these, I had no clue what I had.  I want to simply drop 
one of these files on the aforementioned icon and have everything 
done for me.  If there's a user manual, an alias (like a symlink) to 
a PDF file for it could show up on my desktop!

I envision a TeXShop preference window (or some such) that displays 
this little icon that I can drop stuff on have the "right thing" done.

Alternatively, there could be a Services item (available to the 
Finder) named, say, "Install TeX add-on".  If nothing is selected, it 
shows me a little window explaining what it does.  If a *.sty, *.ins, 
etc. file is selected, it does the right thing with it and I'm on my 
merry way.

The Classic Mac System Folder was "magic".  If you dropped a system 
extension file on it, it went to the Extension folder (and it told 
you that in a window).  If you dropped a font file on it, into the 
Fonts folder it went.  And so on with  scripting addition files, etc. 
This is the sort of thing that 'sold' me on the Mac.  Later, Apple 
provided a similar user's API for something like this with Folder 
Actions.  I don't know if Folder Actions are still around, but I hope 
they are/will-be a part of Mac OS X.  Everything I'm describing could 
also be done with AppleScripts and Folder Actions.

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