[Mac OS X TeX] Script for creating .texshop files in a tree

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Mon Nov 19 09:08:45 EST 2001


Sometime last week we had a discussion about absolute paths in .texshop files.

The script I give away here, will create the .texshop files for you (for all
tex files found beneath the current directory, all pointing to the argument of
the script.

TeXShopRootRefs project-root-file.tex

There are no checks on the arguments, please use with care!

The script starts after this line.

# A small script that will create ".texshop" files for a given tree
# usage: TeXShopRootRefs rootfile.tex 
# from the directory you want your tree to start.
# It assumes that you have a tree with tex documents which are 
# all included by a single master doc.
# Written By Maarten Sneep. 
# I do not assume any responsibility for damage cause by this script,
# Use at your own risk (try it out on a fake tree if you want to).
# I only know it works for me.
# Happy TeXing...

# variables

# create an auxiliary script that creates the files from a bsic name
# This should be possible from find directly, but I have yet to figure 
# out how...
cat >$temporary_script_file <<EOF
echo -n "$contents" > "\$1shop"

# Make temp script executable
chmod 700 $temporary_script_file

# run find to find all "*.tex" files, starting in the current dir and 
# creating the "*.texshop" file with each tex file found.
find $dir -name "*.tex" -exec  $temporary_script_file {} \;

# remove temp script
rm $temporary_script_file

# End of script
# Save the above, starting from the line with "#!/bin/sh" in a text file
# and make it executable ("chmod a+x TeXShopRootRefs" should suffice, where
# TeXShopRootRefs is the name of the script-file

#Maarten Sneep
#Murphy's Law, supplemental:
#A short cut is the longest distance between two points.
#Maarten Sneep
#Atomic- and Laser Physics group
#vrije Universiteit, amsterdam
#The Netherlands

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