[Mac OS X TeX] LyX, T1

Alexandre Enkerli aenkerli at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 20 21:15:55 EST 2001

[BTW, sorry for double-posting before]

> From: "Jari Lehtonen" <jari at utu.fi>
> > document is using "F16" Type 3 fonts. Doesn't this mean that the T1 fonts
> > are available under X but not on the Mac OS X side? Isn't there an
> > obvious way to fix this?
> It only means that the PDF does not contain scalable versions of Computer
> Modern fonts.
I thought about this but then I didn't understand why the same fonts would
work in gving PDFs.
At one point I did try the ae package. Are those really CM fonts? They
looked rather different. But they do seem to work. I think I had a problem
with French quotes, though...
At any rate, the best setup for me has been to assign the lyx->PDF
conversion to tex2pdf and then have the output PDF sent to Acrobat. One of
the advantages is that it generates the Acrobat info based on the title
info. It also offers full support for hyperref and it's supposed to work
with EPS pictures and colors (though I haven't tried yet).

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