[Mac OS X TeX] latex2html and fink

Cyrill RŸttimann ruettimac at dplanet.ch
Tue Nov 13 15:01:28 EST 2001


>> You can install fink from sourceforge and install LaTeX2HTML from fink 
>> and also netpbm. Type only "fink install LaTeX2HTML" into your 
>> terminal.
> I did install fink successfully (in /sw). Now what? When I type
> fink install LaTeX2HTML
> I get a response "Failed: no package found for specification 
> 'LaTeX2HTML'!"

Sorry for that, but you should use lowercase chars for all packages.

"fink list" will show you all packages fink is able to install.

"fink selfupdate" will udpate fink to the latest release. This is very 
important, because fink was updated only a few days ago. Some packages 
like windowmaker for X11 will now compile, which was not possible 
before. If you look at the list, you will also find teTeX. There are 
about 3 distros, including the distro for TeXShop. But I am not sure 
which version this is.
> -- Where does the latex2html source need to be?

Fink does all for you! With man fink you get all commands. Fink is the 
package management system of debian linux. So you can also use the 
apt-get/... command and others from the debian distro.

> -- What is the role of fink in this? I do have Apple Developer Tools 
> installed, and I've installed other "packages" before without needing 
> to use fink. I have also installed some other Unix software after 
> downloading the source (but installation is far easier with a package).
> Do I need fink if I also have Developer Tools?
> Am I correct in thinking that fink will take the source code and make 
> an OSX package out of it?

fink grabs the source, compiles it and makes a debian package with the 
ending *.deb which you will find in /sw/fink/debs. After that, fink 
installs that package with pkgadd. You can then simply uninstall this 
package with fink or reinstall it without compile it again. Apple has 
had such a tool in MacOS X Server 1.x or NeXTStep. But it is not there 
anymore :-(



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