teTeX mod for Mac fonts (was Re: [Mac OS X TeX] Font question)

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Nov 5 13:09:08 EST 2001

> On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 03:36 , Troy Goodson wrote:
> > Why not simply put support for Mac fonts into teTeX?  If all the
> > information is in the file, wouldn't it be better if teTeX itself knew
> > what to do with it?

Gerben then replied:

> I agree, this ia a better solution, also copyright-wise. If someone
> knowws how this can be done, I would be happy to make it part of my
> distribution.

I can merely point to instances where this sort of thing has been done
in the past---notably Textures and TeX/GX.

Also, NeXTstep's TeXView.app was integrated sufficiently to
automagically make use of Type 1 fonts installed in the system---but
this seems to be broken with the more recent versions working with teTeX
(AFAICT trying to get it installed over the weekend---spent a _lot_ of
time waiting for METAFONT to generate .pk bitmaps even though I had the
nice Blue Sky Research Type 1's (from the spiffy .pkgs) installed in the
NeXTstep system in /LocalLibrary/Fonts). I'd be glad of any information
anyone has on how to get this working---also TeXView.app's TeX eq -> eps
Service---that needs a ``epsf'' printer for DVIPS?


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