[Mac OS X TeX] pdf causes 10.1 to crash

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 2 07:23:03 EST 2001

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Le 1/11/01 à 18:04 -0800 V. Vatsal wrote :
>I created a pdf file using tex+gs6+ps2pdf, which causes the OS to 
>crash. Attempting to open the pdf in either TeXShop or Preview 
>causes an immediate logout, and the machine hangs when i try to log 
>back in. The only way to get back in that I can find is to restart 
>the machine after the logout happens.
>On the other hand, opening the file in Acrobat seems to cause no problems.
>I had the strange experience of trying to attach the file to an 
>email message causing the same kind of crash as well.
>Is this one of the Quartz bugs that has been making the rounds on 
>this list? To whom at Apple is one supposed to report this kind of 
>thing? The file can be found at 

I download the file and my OSX crashes (thanks! :-)

I try to rebuild the file with my CMacTeX installation (it is not 
standard because I use a TeXlive6 tree):

Source file:
     test $\Sigma_{n}(f)$

with pdflatex: the pdf file display very well in acroread5 and in preview.
    fonts that appears in font info (acroread) are

with tex+dvips+ps2pdf (gs7.0) and a special config wich substitute 
URW palladio at dvips step (like in texshop, I think): the pdffile 
display very well in acroread5 but *not* in preview (the word "test" 
and the last parenright did not appear). MacOSX doen not crash.
fonts are :

In your test file I find

Seems to be a gs-font problem (of course if OSX crashes, it is a bug 
in Quartz, anyway).

Michel Bovani

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