[Mac OS X TeX] OpenType

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Wed Nov 7 00:30:39 EST 2001


>I know that there is some support for OpenType in OS X---I was 
>really asking whether OSX will support the full range of letters, 
>ligatures, glypfs, etc that are available in an OpenType font. At 
>the moment it doesn't seem to.
>Adrian Heathcote

OpenType fonts have been fully support since OS 9, I believe. The 
issue is that the application has to utilize the ATS (OS X) and/or 
the ATSUI services in the OS. As far as I can tell, only InDesign has 
that capability under OS 9.x. I am not sure of the details of how 
Carbon apps are supported, but they supposedly are. Cocoa apps should 
have "built-in" support for the "full use" of OpenType fonts. As of 
OS X 10.1, MM Type 1 fonts are supported, as well.

I am sure that others on this list could speak to this issue in more detail.


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