[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop Crashing the Window Server

Cyrill RŸttimann ruettimac at dplanet.ch
Sat Nov 3 05:25:38 EST 2001

On Samstag, November 3, 2001, at 02:56  Uhr, Richard Koch wrote:

Hi Richard,

> 	a) A short example, either a tex pdf file which contains an
> 	illustration, or just a pdf illustration, which crashes the
> 	system when viewed by TeXShop, Preview, etc.

I have included a tar.gz with a short example.
> 	b) A description of exactly how the illustration was
> 	created.

The illustration logo.pdf was generated using Illustrator 9 --> Save as 
Adobe Illustrator PDF. Source was logo.eps created by Illustrator 9.

The other illustrations included in the document where translated by 
epstopdf. The source files *.eps where created by Illustrator 9.

As you can see, the first page only with the logo.pdf do not crash the 
system. But if you go forward to the other illustrations, the system 

I use pdflatex to produce the pdf's



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