[Mac OS X TeX] New teTeX.dmg

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Mon Nov 26 10:57:26 EST 2001

I have released a new teTeX.dmg. Changes:

- Updated thumbpdf.sty and thumbpdf.tex in teTeX/share/texmf
- Added alt(any)tex support to altpdftex
- Added amstex and pdfamstex format creation in fmtutil.cnf.macosx
- Removed Ttbbold.map from default pdftex.cfg
	This one needs some explanation. It turned out the fonts created by 
TeXtrace-0.42 were seriously broken. I Upgraded to TeXtrace-0.47 but 
those fonts are broken in yet another way. I still ship the pfb's (I 
don't recall which version) but I have removed the use of the map from 
pdftex.cfg and altpdftex.
- Increased some sizes in teTeX's own texmf.cnf
- Changed semantics and flags of altpdftex script. Can now use any 
- I added /usr/local/bin/pstill (cli interface to PStill) and 
/usr/local/bin/u-psbuild (cli interface to another commercial package)
- Added '$HOME contains //' check to TeXGSInstaller installation script 
(if a directory ends on /, kpathsea can become extremely slow)
- Changed --dviopts and --extradviopts flags of altpdftex to --dvipsopts 
and --extradvipsopts. Longer but more apt.
- Fixed bug in altpdftex, --dvipsopts did not work
- Added oberdiek macro packages to texmf.macosx

This is probably the last teTeX I am going to release for a while, 
barring major bugs. I'll wait a coupl eof weeks if these show up, after 
that I will move to TeX Live myself and barring unforseen problems will 
release a TeX Live distribution as my next distribution.


PS. It is a known bug that the information in TeXGSInstaller's main 
window is out of date (this has been fixed for future releases). The 
real README is on the dmg. The ftp-area is as always completely 
synchronized with my system.

PPS. As a rule, most of the mail I get on this package is generic TeX 
stuff. I try to help people out, but that time goes at the expense of 
time I can spend on keeping my distribution up to date (as well as 
possible fixes for TeXShop). So please, take problems with TeX first to 
TeX-channels and only to me if you think there is a problem with my 
distribution. Also, keep in mind that I am only responsible for the 
teTeX part of things, not for TeXShop or any other front end.

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