[Mac OS X TeX] Using Margin kerning

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Sun Oct 28 23:03:06 EST 2001

<x-flowed>Hi---I'm something of a newcomer to latex, unix-style or otherwise, and 
I wanted to say, initially, that I am incredibly impressed and grateful 
to the work that Gerben Wierda and Richard Koch and others put into 
making Tex available on the Mac. Thanks to all.

So to my question. Margin Kerning seems like a v.good thing and I'd like 
to be able to use it automatically (in TexShop). But I don't follow 
R.K.'s instructions. After I have replaced the template with the one 
that allows margin kerning what declarations (if any!) go into the 
preamble of the document and where do they go? (R.K.s instructions make 
it seem as though no declarations are necessary, but when I tried that I 
couldn't see any effect at all.)

Can someone throw some light on what I'm sure is just a rookie 

Adrian Heathcote
Department of Philosophy
University of Sydney

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