[Mac OS X TeX] Tables in LaTeX?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Oct 17 08:23:36 EDT 2001

npparikh asked:
>I need some help making Excel-type tables in my LaTeX documents (using
>TeXShop).  Basically I need tables that will give me the horizontal and

>vertical rules to delineate rows and columns, and I also need options
>for things like captions and a title cell that would be the equivalent
>of a merged cell that spans the width of the entire thing.

<snip ASCII representation>

Belike everyone is tired of hearing this sort of thing, but there is a
nifty app (TexTables.app) which is a part of the InstantTeX package for
NeXTstep which allows one to visually / interactively lay out a table
and then generate either Plain TeX, or LaTeX code to render the table.

The ideal here for Mac OS X would be an app which provides a Service
entrypoint for the formatting. Anyone know if any of the Mac OS X
spreadsheets do Services of any sort? Any that export to TeX?


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