[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.13 might have hurt vmargin?

Jerry Stratton jerry at hoboes.com
Sat Oct 6 21:13:08 EDT 2001

Is there anything about installing TeXShop 1.13 (over 1.12) that might have caused vmargin's "\setpapersize" command to no longer work? I didn't notice it at the time, but discovered this morning that \setpapersize no longer affects the paper size in my PDF documents. The last PDF file I have that is the correct size was made about four minutes after installing 1.13.

Yes, this does mean that the "good" PDF file was created with TeXShop 1.13. It makes no sense to me that this be the reason I'm having this problem, but it also makes no sense to me that the problem is occuring at all. It worked yesterday; now, in the same .tex files, \setpapersize{custom}{6 in}{9 in} has no effect.

I did try deleting TexShop's prefs and then switching back to 1.12, and this had no effect on the problem.

Sample document that doesn't work (I made this one specifically to test the problem; it did not exist previous to the problem):

\setpapersize{custom}{6 in}{9 in}


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jerry at hoboes.com

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