[Mac OS X TeX] Using Margin kerning

Richard Koch koch at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Sun Oct 28 23:36:19 EST 2001


Margin kerning is a subtle change; you must look closely to notice
that it is being used.

Margin kerning is in Gerben Wierda's latest teTeX. But to use it,
you still have to do a few things to your source code:

	a) Use pdflatex. Margin kerning doesn't work in tex + ghostscript

	b) add the line

		\input protcode.tex

	to the preamble of the document

	c) After \begin{document}, add the lines

		\setprotcode \font
		{\it \setprotcode \font}
		{\bf \setprotcode \font}
		{\it \bf \setprotcode \font}

To see if margin kerning is working, comment out the last line. This will
turn it off. Typeset again and look at the ends of lines VERY CAREFULLY,
particularly those lines which end with a period or hyphen.

Margin kerning will preserve line breaks. If you change the last line
to \pdfprotrudechars=2, then pdflatex will do a better job, but may 
the location of line breaks.

Dick Koch
koch at math.uoregon.edu


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