[Mac OS X TeX] Fink, system-tetex, and latex2html

William McCallum mccallumwilliam at qwest.net
Sun Feb 17 21:52:35 EST 2002

On Sunday, February 17, 2002, at 07:05  PM, Michael Murray wrote:

> Hi William
> How did you set up latex2html?  Did it just work when you typed
> latex2html file.tex or did you have to configure it somehow ?

No configuration was necessary. I logged out, logged back in, then typed 
latex2html file.tex (of course, I had already latexed file.tex in order 
to produce the file.aux file that latex2html needs to do its work).

Martin Costabel wrote:

> To make it work, I had to change line 52 in
> /sw/lib/latex2html/l2hconf.pm from
> @IMAGE_TYPES = qw();
> to
> @IMAGE_TYPES = qw(png);

In my case, this line already reads

@IMAGE_TYPES = qw(png gif);

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