[Mac OS X TeX] TeXLive-teTeX.dmg released

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Jan 24 18:23:43 EST 2002

A new dmg has been released.

Two changes with respect to the previous one:
- dvips has been downgraded to 5.86d (from 5.86e) because of the bug 
with including eps files by dvips. I have reported the problem to the 
dvips maintainers. If there are problems with dvips-5.86d which dvips 
5.86e solves, it is available as well as dvips-5.86e. But 5.86d is the 
default. (Note that for most users pdfTeX is still the best solution, 
using dvips and ghostscript remains a legacy solution). This fix has 
been tested.
texmf tree:
- marvosym font support has been improved (thanks to Bruno Voisin). This 
fix has not been tested.

What I did not make clear before, is that I have moved to TeXLive as my 
source for the programs. There is very little difference between recent 
teTeX beta and TeXLive as teTeX draws from TeXLive. So, my distribution 
now draws directly from TeXLive for the programs and uses the latest 
teTeX-texmf distribution as a basis for the texmf tree. TeXLive and 
teTeX-beta are somewhat less stable than stable-teTeX, but stable-teTeX 
is very out of date. So far, experience has shown that there are not 
very many problems with TeXLive.

To reflect that, the name of the dmg has changed to TeXLive-teTeX.dmg. I 
will keep /usr/local/teTeX as the location as long as I use teTeX partly 
as a basis.

The new (and suggested) dmg can be downloaded from 

The last pre-teTeX-beta pre-TeXLive distribution can still be downloaded 
as ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/comp/macosx/tex-gs/teTeX.dmg.

Note that in the event you want to downgrade, downgrading should be done 
by first removing the new TeX (the new installer can do that) and then 
installing the older one. Otherwise you might end up with still calling 
the newer binaries.


PS. I will be away for 5 days, so if there are any new problems, I will 
be able to look at them starting next Tuesday.

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