[Mac OS X TeX] Excalibur and TeXShop '.tex' files

Nicholas Riley njriley at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 15 12:52:34 EST 2002

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 05:04:14PM +0000, Kaveh Bazargan wrote:
> I have used 'FileTyper' to change to 'TEXT', but still can't drag and drop,
> although I can open through Excalibur. Actually, the icon doesn't even
> highlight. It just ignores the file. Actually, I get this quite a lot with
> OS X in general. Any ideas?

Report bugs to Apple, mercilessly.  The OS X Finder, and
LaunchServices, which it uses to do much of its work, is still
extremely buggy; things like only being able to paste custom icons
once; window zooming, scrolling, and icon cleanup being broken; the
toolbar reappearing at random intervals when you have it switched off;
not being able to view a newly copied package's contents without
restarting the Finder; the insertion point disappearing as you use
arrow keys while editing a filename, etc., are very annoying, and most
have been around since 10.0.  Not to mention speed issues like list
view still being unusably slow with even 50 items (try sorting by
kind!), disks taking seconds to eject - and blatant usability issues
like the "Global" radio button in the View Options palette, and the
behavior of the option key while resizing columns in column view.  At
least I haven't seen some of the worse ones recently, like the Finder
thinking you ejected a different disk from the one you actually did,
or random crashes including data loss while moving large numbers of

That said, you can force an application in the Dock to accept any file
dragged on it by pressing command-option while dragging.  There are
actually a bunch of keystrokes you can use while clicking in the Dock,
which I haven't seen documented much:

- option-click - hide app you're switching from
- command-click - reveal item you click on in the Finder
- command-option-click - 'hide others' after switching to the app you click on

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