A more favorable take on AlphaX (was Re: [Mac OS X TeX] Re: OT: Favorable press on the Mac OS X Dock (wasRe: [Mac OS XTeX] alpha X piccies))

Jon Guyer jguyer at his.com
Tue Jan 29 13:37:25 EST 2002

At 12:42 PM -0500 1/29/02, William Adams wrote:
>First, I'd like to apologise for the turn this conversation has

As would I. Consider the subject dropped.

>I'm not seeing any pages where planned or wished-for
>features of AlphaX are posted.
>Am I missing something?

Probably not. There are bits and pieces of things scattered around:


as well as lots of discussion on the AlphaTcl-developers mailing list


but nothing very coherent. Alpha8 is imminently going into public 
beta and we'll be documenting the new feature set at that point 
(AlphaX and Alpha8 differ by negligibly little).

>Looking at the screen grabs, I'm faintly jealous 'cause it has a
>preference for tear-off menus which is a NeXT feature I really miss in
>Mac OS X). I don't suppose it's implemented in such a way it could be
>used to up-date the Carbon (or even Cocoa?!?) frameworks to have it?

'fraid not. The preference is there, but tear-off menus don't 
presently work at all in AlphaX. I had them working vaguely, but as a 
result of the Aqua display model, the user feedback experience was 
decidedly unsatisfactory. It's something I'd like to tangle with 
again, and Jim Ingham recently posted to the MacTcl list that "There 
are some tantalizing #defines in the Carbon headers for tearoff 
menus, but they don't do anything yet...", so maybe we'll all be 
getting them at some point.


   Jonathan E. Guyer

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