[Mac OS X TeX] Re: tetex size / sub packages / mirrors (was Re: [Mac OS X TeX] OmnniGraffle 2.0 betas v3 supports TeX to PDFse

Gary L. Gray gray at lpcm.esm.psu.edu
Thu Jan 3 10:36:47 EST 2002

On 1/3/02 8:42 AM, "William Adams" <wadams at atlis.com> wrote:

> Gerben said:
>> PS. I am going to be a bit more slow with teTeX updates and other TeX
>> related stuff for a while. I am actually paying for my link time
>> personally and my work on TeX last months has cost me hundreds of
>> dollars (my link is a bit expensive and they keep postponing my cheaper
>> and faster link).
> ::oof::
> Here's a thing I've wondered on for a while now---do we really need to
> have a complete tetex download everytime?
> I'd dearly love to see a basic tex / latex2e install, _sans_ METAFONT
> (and by extension pk / bitmap fonts), and all but the most popular macro
> and other packages.
> Then, additional packages for the above as necessary (doesn't MikTeX do
> something of this sort? Perhaps we could model that?)
> Can't we get the tex part of the install up on CTAN? It's already got
> world-wide mirroring..... If that's a problem, if we can split things up
> somewhat, I could mirror a core section (I've a couple of MBs on my AOL
> webspace left yet).
> Doesn't ftp.peak.org have an OS X section? Perhaps we could put it up
> there?
> William

I e-mailed Gerben last night offering him an account on a Mac OS X Server
machine with almost unlimited disk space for distribution of teTeX and the
like. He declined for a number of reasons, which I will let him divulge if
he chooses.

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