[Mac OS X TeX] BBEdit 6.5 & OzTeX 5.0b7

Juan Falgueras juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Tue Jan 29 08:25:24 EST 2002

13:38 +0100 29/1/02, Jan Erik Moström escribe:
>  > >BBedit
>>  > Works well with CMacTex, does not have a TeX mode (the glossary
>>  >feature does not match Alpha's nor Pepper's support), but plays well
>>  >with Excalibur.  No working plug-in support for OzTeX.
>>    The TeX mode AFAIK is only a poor mode of templates where you
>>  only can determine where the insertion point will go and where the
>>  selected text.  It lacks any form of intelligent looking for text nor
>>  recognize the indentation level where you are, etc.
>A question: when I once tried Alpha it could insert templates in the same way
>that BBEdit does. But you write that Alpha (?) does some kind of "intelligent
>looking at the text"? What does this mean? Can you explain what makes Alpha
>better in this respect?

	Sorry for my poor english and my apologizes for my passionate 
defense of Alpha.

I mean that Alpha has many easily editable Tcl (that is work in 
progress for many final users also) that can look forward and 
backward in the text you are writting intelligently deciding what 
thing you want there.  For example, you write


and fifty lines before you had "deuteronomious", then Alpha complete 
the word.  If you write


Alpha shows you a list to complete the template.

You only need to remember the F1 key.  That is the completion key.

>  > It also can bind key combinations to any (yet unwritten) template
>>  (glossaries in the argot), but not for simple keys, etc.
>What do you mean?

	BBedit has a subdirectory way of template files that can be 
inserted (only inserted) recognizing the selection that you could 
have.  Which of them can be selected via hierarchical menus (from 
glossaries or a palette menu) or via key combinations that can be 
personalized.  That last way only admit combination of keys, never a 
simple key press.


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