[Mac OS X TeX] TexShop and syncronicity: it is possible?

jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Sat Jan 26 09:52:34 EST 2002

Le samedi 26 janvier 2002, à 11:35 AM, Michael Murray a écrit :

> Hi Alessandro,
> You ask:
>> I recently saw on a pc laptop the combination
>> Miktex + Winedt and I thought that it is very good.
>> In particular  that they was able to  implement
>> the feature called  "syncronicity" in Textures.
>> I was really surprised !!
>> The structure of Miktex seems (to me) similar to the one of
>> TeTeX; the previewing facilities of texshop are better...
>> but their syncro implementation is cool...
>> Is there any chance that a similar tool could be added
>> in a next version of TexShop-TeTeX package?
> CMacTeX supports something called srcltx which is supposed to
> enable you to do this. I have never tried it :-)
last time i tried the scrltx stuff, it was so far from textures 
synchronicity, let us recall that textures maintain its own tex engine...
Also, it only worked with dvi viewers.

for texshop i think it is possible to implement the srcltx feature, 
however it requires some good knowledge of pdf file format... Any PDF 
guru here?

BTW, I saw a message on OS-X developper list from a guy at textures, it 
seems that they are upgrading textures, i do not know whther it is 
carbon or not...

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