[Mac OS X TeX] Figure sizing in TeXShop

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Tue Jan 29 02:57:58 EST 2002

On 2002.01.29, at 11:51, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hello Paul,
>> I have a basic question (is there a FAQ for this list somewhere?) about
>> importing figures from Illustrator.  After generating the figures and
> Very timely...
>> saving them as pdf when I include them in a LaTeX document the borders
>> are set for what appears to be the page size.  I use to fix this in
> This happens upon "Save as PDF" from Illustrator 9 and 10.
>> Illustrator 9 by redefining the page size to the size of the figure (or
>> slightly larger) and this worked fine.  In Illustrator X (the Japanese
>> version just came out a couple of weeks ago) this fix no longer seems 
>> to
>> work.  How can I get the figures to include correctly in TeXShop 
>> (LaTeX)
>> without inappropriate white space?
> 2 ways, that I know of:
>  1.  convert the .eps to PDF using some other program; e.g.
>    Acrobat Distiller  -- this gets it "right"
> or
>    Ghostscript (e.g. via ps2pdf, epstopdf, or other script)

  I tried this -- doesn't work with X in my limited trials (this is with 
ps2pdf).  I thought I remembered eps2pdf fixing this problem, but it 
doesn't seem to be distributed with teTeX anymore.  I would be grateful 
if someone could state which version of eps2pdf would work and what 
distribution to use.
>  2. open the bad PDF with Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader)
>     go to the  Document:Crop Pages..  menu option
>     check  "Remove White Margins"
>     then click "OK"
>     now save the modified PDF, it will have the correct size.

I thought of this and tried it.  It certainly looks fine in Acrobat, but 
when I attempted to import the file back into Illustrator for some 
touchup, the line sizes where all incorrect.  It appears that the 
decimal point was lost - so that 1.5 pt lines became 15 pt.

  I was hoping the trim option in includegraphics of pdftex would do the 
trick, but it doesn't seem to be able to handle the large trim that is 

> (Thanks to Hans Hagen for this tip.)
> Doubtless there are other methods as well.
> It may even be possible to hand-edit the /MediaBox
> in the PDF to match the  %%BoundingBox of the .eps
>  **provided** you keep the total number of characters the same.
>  --- I don't recommend trying this. :-)
>> ...   By the way -- whose bug is this -
>> Adobe or pdftex?
> It is Adobe's bug.
> (We told them about it 2 weeks ago, along with several other bugs.)
> The following is a prototype for a site being setup for recording bugs
> in Adobe software that affect TeX users:
>    http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~ross/Adobe/AdobeBugs/
> Contributions are sought.

> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross Moore
>   \\

Thanks for the help.  I wish it were as easy as it appears (at first) to 
be.  eps figures are actually easier to use for this reason.

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