[Mac OS X TeX] Dvi and postscript previewers

Thomas Neumann thneumann at mac.com
Sun Jan 6 16:37:28 EST 2002

Am Donnerstag den 3. Januar 2002, um 01:32, schrieb Tom Kiffe:

>> So, in general my questions are related to the possibility to use
>> cmactex as a real shell on top of general tetex distribution, without
>> creating anything ad-hoc.
> My installation does not require any changes to any files included with
> teTeX. You do not have to be root or even have Admin privileges to 
> install
> this package. It will work even if you update teTeX. Using ~/bin and a
> ~/Library/texmf directories is the natural way of extending your system.
> The cmactex.script and macghostview.script files are only called by my
> programs, so your zsh is not affected if it is run by any other program.

First: Calling the teTeX binaries and using the more sophisticated 
viewers, known from the CMacTeX tradition is the right way for CMacTeX 
on OS X, I think. Many Thanks for this!

However, IMHO it would be better to have *three* texmf trees: the main 
texmf tree as for the standard teTeX installation or any update of teTeX 
in general, second: a system wide 'texmf local tree', containing all 
system wide customizations, LaTeX packages and fonts not included in 
teTeX etc. (in a directory /Library/texmf), and the 'private texmf tree' 
for the users own packages, updated packages, fonts and so on (in 
~/Library/texmf). So it would be nice to have the possibility to 
configure three paths to these three texmf tree directories in the "set 
search path" menu options of MacDviX and MacGhostViewX.

  Thomas Neumann <neumann at theologie.uni-halle.de>

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