[Mac OS X TeX] Euros in TeX (erratum)

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Jan 4 08:20:31 EST 2002

>> - For those wishing to use Adobe's euro fonts with TeXShop, there's no 
>> need to convert LWFN fonts to PFB format. Just download the Windows 
>> version from Adobe's ftp site, in pub/adobe/type/win/all/: it's a 
>> self-extracting ZIP archive eurofont.exe, which may be extracted on 
>> your Mac by either the freeware StuffIt Expander or shareware ZipIt. 
>> It contains the PFB fonts (you still have to rename them though).
> If someone tells me exactly what to download and how to rename, I will 
> include thses in the next teTeX release.

I don't think it's possible to include Adobe's euro fonts themselves in 
the distribution, for copyright issues. For example the README for 
europs says:

> You will need the Type 1 files from Adobe. For legal reasons they 
> cannot be
> included in this package. You have to fetch them personally, e.g. from
>    http://www.adobe.com/type/eurofont.html
> or
>    ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/type/win/all/eurofont.exe
>    ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/type/mac/all/eurofont.sea.hqx

It's however possible, I think, to include any of the supporting files, 

- The plain TeX example eurosamp.tex and the LaTeX packages europs and 
eurosans, from the CTAN directory tex-archive/fonts/euro/.

- The LaTeX package eurofont, from the CTAN directory tex-

If you think that's interesting, I can try to prepare for you (Gerben) 
what I did, at some point this weekend.

Bruno Voisin

PS Just for the record, the renaming is described e.g. in the README 
>from tex-archive/fonts/euro/:

> Unzip the file eurofont.exe, create a directory
> texmf/fonts/type1/adobe/eurofont and copy the .PFB files to this 
> directory
> while renaming the files as follows:
> _1______.PFB  ->  zpeurs.pfb
> _1B_____.PFB  ->  zpeubs.pfb
> _1I_____.PFB  ->  zpeuris.pfb
> _1BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubis.pfb
> _2______.PFB  ->  zpeurt.pfb
> _2B_____.PFB  ->  zpeubt.pfb
> _2I_____.PFB  ->  zpeurit.pfb
> _2BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubit.pfb
> _3______.PFB  ->  zpeur.pfb
> _3B_____.PFB  ->  zpeub.pfb
> _3I_____.PFB  ->  zpeuri.pfb
> _3BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubi.pfb

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