[Mac OS X TeX] Re: OT: Favorable press on the Mac OS X Dock (was Re: [Mac OS XTeX] alpha X piccies)

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Jan 29 12:27:59 EST 2002

I said:
>>Uh, Eisenhower was in office from 1953--61....

and JG replied:
>As if I didn't know already, thanks for calibrating what sort of
>person I'm dealing with.

A person who has little tolerance for hyperbole and ad hominems?

>I don't see anything touted in those articles as benefits of the Dock
>weren't already available to the real Mac OS in less obtrusive ways.

In less consistent fashion and spread out over the entire screen.

>>``...Though a bit distracting and obtrusive,...

>This is an endorsement?!?

No, ``... visually stunning Dock...'' and ``the interactivity of the
Dock gives the design a bit of personality.'' were. Moreover,
``distracting'' and ``obtrusive'' are necessary for things like activity
alerts / displaying state information so it's scarcely a criticism, more
an observation.

>I just don't like having
>perfectly useful, and IMNSHO better designed, tools taken away from
>me and replaced with something that I and a lot of others decidedly

While other people do like it, and many found the old Mac UI elements
inconsistent and confusing, hence OS X's design toward consistency and
reducing support costs.

Have you considered coding a replacement for Dock.app then?

>All that said, despite my very low esteem for the Dock, I'm willing
>to waste a significant amount of development time (that would be
>better spent on other aspects of Alpha) to accommodate the stupid

Right. I acknowledged that and commented favorably on it in my original
e-mail. I also don't think that this effort is wasted---especially if
it's done in a fashion which would allow AlphaX to accomodate / work
well with a Dock replacement.

>(although if accommodating the Dock didn't involve pretty much
>the same steps needed to bring Alpha's crufty code into Display
>Manager compliance, you can bet I'd find better things to do).

I guess it does then (be done in a fashion which would allow working
with a future Dock alternative).


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