[Mac OS X TeX] Alpha?

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Fri Jan 25 19:24:23 EST 2002

I don't know if I can ask this here, but I'm trying to help out  one of our
professors, here goes:

we have a .tex file that gets this error when i try to open it,
after which Alpha quits -the error appears in a box with an 'OK' button,
click 'OK'
and the program 'cleanly' (thought unexpectedly and without any dialogue
except the previous error report) quits, here's what the error says:

linecache overflow (file probably has corrupt MPSR resource)

we opened it with SimpleText (all of this is on OS9) and copied it out and
back into Alpha and tex'd it, no problems.
however, when/immediately after, moving it back into Alpha we needed to
select most of the contents of the document and run cmnd+I (paragraph
fill)... this could not be done unless we selected and ran the command in
chunks, if we selected and ran it on the whole desired selection Alpha would
we increased the program's memory (some) but to no avail (previously, larger
files have been fine/successful, i.e., this is not a huge file at all).

any ideas on what went wrong, how to fix and prevent it in the future? or
what we should do? (we also did disk repair, NDD v6, which found  no

thanks in advance. 

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