[Mac OS X TeX] OT? - Print command

Benji Fisher benji at e-math.AMS.org
Mon Jan 14 21:25:39 EST 2002

tom keyes wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I was happy to learn about the Print command - first time I tried it I was
> able to print a ps file using an appletalk printer name, no problem.
> However today, having changed nothing I'm aware of:
> [chem-dhcp-146:~/Documents] tom% Print -P PET keyes_reic.ps
> ERROR: Unable to print.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, the reason I wanted to print to an
> appletalk name in the first place is that when i set up my new HP2200 as an
> lpr printer it did not automatically get entered in netinfo manager.
> However that *had* always happened before  I don't know if the OS upgrades
> have broken this feature (currently at 10.1.2). Anyone know? I suppose I'll
> try to enter the printer in netinfomanager, sure can't find any printcaps.
> Tom

     I do not know about the Print command.  Following a suggestion on this
list, I successfully printed PS documents over appletalk using atprint.  Look
at the man pages for atprint and atlookup.

HTH					--Benji Fisher

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