[Mac OS X TeX] italian hyphenation

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Jan 2 06:13:23 EST 2002

On Wednesday, January 2, 2002, at 11:49 , Alessandro Languasco wrote:

> Thanks a lot for your suggestion. But I was not able to do that yet.
> I have obtained the following message:
> [localhost:~] languasc% sudo texconfig hyphen pdflatex
> Password:
> sudo: texconfig: command not found
> I have to be in some specific directory to run texconfig or maybe I
> have to run some other command before ?
> I have the teTeX distribution associated with TeXshop.
> Sorry if this question is stupid.  Maybe you (or some other guy) already
> said what I have to do to abilitate the tex commands.

Nice word (Calvin: "Verbing nouns weirds language").

Anyway, run the following command:


and then restart Terminal. As it says in the README that comes with the 
installer. You did read the readme all the way to the end, did you? ;-)

Explanation: My installer adds the correct PATH settings to the end of 
your PATH environment variable in the global init files. As the README 
says, upgrading or reinstalling Mac OS X may (or may not) overwrite 
those settings (actually, they reset them with the default values for 
which there is absolutely no need). Run the above command after every 
upgrade of Mac OS X.

> Another question: do you know where I can find a guide to
> teTeX distribution? Something where I can learn how to abilitate
> the commands, and how is organized the teTeX path... and so on.

You do not need to enable anything by hand. A normal installation should 
'just work' after you have installed it and restarted Terminal.app. If 
you use TeXShop, it should just work even after a Mac OS X Upgrade.

It is all there already. The dmg contains some help files and these can 
also be found in the directory /Library/teTeX


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