[Mac OS X TeX] Euros in TeX

Uwe Schmock schmock at math.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 3 10:45:10 EST 2002

>A silly off-topic question: does anybody know how to get the Euro 
>currency symbol ¤ in plain TeX and/or LaTeX? It's present in Mac 
>fonts, and I saw a modified version in tcrm1200 at position "BF, but 
>I'm not aware of any macro similar to \pounds for pounds sterling.

Hi Bruno,

for a pure plain TeX solution (using a LaTeX Postscript Type 1 font) 
you can try the sample file below. The macro should also work in 
LaTeX. For normal text it should be good enough.

Best regards,



  \vrule height.03ex depth0pt width##3em}}\lcmsseuro\kern.05em

%Choose one of these:
\font\lcmsseuro=lcmss8 at 9pt  % For 10pt style
%\font\lcmsseuro=lcmss8 at 10pt % For 11pt style
%\font\lcmsseuro=lcmss8 at 11pt % For 12pt style

% Test


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